About blu® E-Cigarette Kits

E-cigarette kits are designed to give customers everything they need to achieve a hassle-free vaping experience. Kits generally consist of an e-cigarette, flavor and charger allowing vapers to purchase and use straight away as opposed to buying products separately.

blu® e-cig kits

With 3 kits to choose from, e-cig kits from blu are designed to give you everything you need for a comfortable vaping experience.

blu PLUS+™ Xpress Kit


The blu PLUS+™ Xpress Kit has all the features of our blu® Disposable with the ability to experience more flavors and recharge and use again. Operated with a long-lasting battery, the blu PLUS+™ Xpress Kit is built to perform and comes with 1 blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Device, USB charger and 1 compatible blu PLUS+ tank™.

blu PRO™ Kit


The blu PRO™ Kit is recommended for those who are more advanced into their vaping journey. The blu PRO™ Kit offers a range of flavor options and a built-in function indicating when your e-cigarette device is due for charging.

The blu PRO™ Kit contains 1 clearomizer, 1 Tobacco blu® Liquid, 1 rechargeable device and 1 blu PRO™ USB charging cable.

blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kit


The blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kit is ideal for customers who are constantly on the go. Allowing consumers to charge 5 rechargeable devices up to six times, the rechargeable kit is powerful and reliable. The rechargeable kit is recommended for those who are looking for a simple to use e-cigarette kit.

Included in the kit is a silicone coated, smooth to the touch and rechargeable case, USB charging cable, 2 blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Devices and 3 blu PLUS+ Classic Tobacco Tanks™.

Differences between kits