About blu® E-Cigarette Kits

blu has several different types of e-cigarette to choose from, with each one designed to give you everything you need for the perfect vape.


myblu™ gives you the best vaping experience yet. Boasting a powerful battery and sleek design, myblu™ also allows you to switch between our large range of flavors with its easy-to-use liquid pods.

blu® Disposables

blu® Disposables are ready to use straight out of the box and don’t need to be filled or charged. The e-cigarette is used and thrown away as soon as you’ve finished with it, making it ideal if you’re on the go.

blu PLUS+™ Xpress Kit


The blu PLUS+™ Xpress Kit is the perfect kit for beginners as it can be used with a number of flavors and can be easily recharged to be used again.

blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kit


The blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kit allows you to carry more tanks and batteries around with you, as well as charging your e-cigs in the pack. Capable of charging 5 batteries up to six times, the Rechargeable Kit is practical and reliable.

blu PRO™ Kit


The blu PRO™ Kit is recommended for those who are further along in their vaping journey. Its larger battery and refillable clearomizer gives you a smoother, more powerful vape.

What Are The Differences Between blu® E-Cigarettes?

Want to know more about how our e-cigs are different from one another? This chart tells you the different sizes, charging times and ways of refilling.