What are Clearomizers

A clearomizer is a component of any Open System e-cigarette. It holds the e-liquid and heats it when the device is being used, creating the vapor that is inhaled by vapers.

How does a blu® Clearomizer work?

The clearomizer is screwed onto the battery and has a mouthpiece at its tip through which the vapor is inhaled. The e-liquid is stored within the clearomizer and can be manually refilled whenever it runs out. A wick at the center of the clearomizer absorbs the e-liquid, and it is this e-liquid which is heated to create vapor.

The heating coil sits in the center of the clearomizer, and when the button on the side of the device is pressed the battery is switched on. This activates the heating coil, converting the e-liquid into vapor.

blu PRO™ Clearomizers have a large window on the side, allowing vapers to view the exact amount of e-liquid left inside and easily judge when they need a refill. blu PRO™ Clearomizers are top-filling, which means to refill it simply unscrew the mouthpiece and pour in the e-liquid. blu PRO™ Clearomizers give a smooth draw thanks to its optimized coil resistance. Its refined battery connection also ensures a longer vape and less time spent charging.

I was using another brand e-cig but wasn't satisfied. Upon getting blu, I was very impressed with the set-up and especially with how long the battery and tanks last. I'd consider myself a moderate consumer and have been on the same tank for five days. How cool is that?

How can the clearomizer be maintained?

As with any other part of an e-cig, clearomizers need cleaning to ensure that they continue to work to their full potential. It is also recommended that clearomizers are replaced after every 10 refills.