What is Flavor Ghosting?

Flavor ghosting, also known as flavor creep, is one of the most common frustrations for vapers who use e-liquid. But what exactly is flavor ghosting and what can vapers do to counter its effects?

Simply put, flavor ghosting describes occasions when you can detect a previously-used flavor when vaping a new flavor. So, for example, if you’ve previously vaped Cherry and then switch over to Blueberry, you’re experiencing flavor ghosting if you can taste hints of the Cherry in the Blueberry. Flavor Ghosting is something only experienced by those who use e-liquid as if you’re using tanks, you just throw away what you’ve previously used. But what can e-liquid vapers do to stop flavor ghosting?

How do I prevent Flavor Ghosting?

The key to avoiding flavor ghosting is good vaporizer maintenance. If you’re experiencing flavor ghosting, clean your device’s clearomizer thoroughly and carefully to ensure any remnants of previous flavors are washed away. A good method for cleaning the blu PRO™ Kit is listed below.

  1. Lay out a few paper towels on a flat surface in your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you have a sink and running water available, and keep some spare.
  2. Take your blu PRO™ Kit apart by unscrewing the mouthpiece from the clearomizer and the clearomizer from the battery. This will leave the three core parts of your blu PRO™ Kit as separate entities.
  3. Turn on your tap at a low level so there’s a gentle stream of warm water coming out.
  4. Swill out your mouthpiece to remove any lingering flavors. Dry with one of your paper towels and leave it standing up on the paper towels you’ve laid out.
  5. Place your clearomizer under the running water until it’s filled with water.
  6. Place your thumb over the top of the clearomizer and shake for a few seconds. Empty the water and repeat the step 3-5 times or until the water you’re pouring out of the clearomizer stops being cloudy – the cloudier the water the more e-liquid there is in the clearomizer.
  7. Once done, scrunch up a kitchen towel sheet into a long, thin pipe. Gently push this down into the clearomizer to soak up remaining water droplets. Perform this action until you’ve removed as much of the water as you can.
  8. Place the clearomizer on one of the paper sheets, face down, so the device is standing on its open end. This will allow the remaining water to drip down and get soaked up by the towel.

It’s best to perform this method before you go to bed, that way you can leave your clearomizer to dry overnight and it’ll be ready to use in the morning. Just reattach the clearomizer to the battery, pour in your new e-liquid, and screw the mouthpiece back to the top of your clearomizer and you’re ready to go.