WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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What Are Disposable E-cigarettes?

What Are Disposable E-cigarettes?

A disposable e-cigarette is an e-cig that comes ready to vape and is thrown away once it runs out of charge or e-liquid. Most e-cigarettes need to be refilled, either by refilling the e-liquid in the clearomizer, or by changing the tank. A disposable, however, is different. Disposables are designed to be used and thrown away once the e-liquid has run dry. They don’t need to be refilled and they can’t be charged. Simply use them and dispose of them.

How Do I Use A Disposable E-cigarette?

blu® Disposables do not have a button to activate the heating element and work in a similar way to other Closed System e-cigs. A sensor inside the mouthpiece will detect when a draw is taken and this will turn on the heating coil which produces the vapor.

The disposable should be primed with a few short puffs before taking a longer draw lasting about 2-3 seconds. There are no extra buttons or e-liquid to consider before you start using the device.

Each disposable comes with its own internal tank of e-liquid. There are no additional charging cables or cases as every disposable comes with a pre-charged battery, meaning you can carry one with you wherever you’re going, without needing accessories like chargers. The light and compact design means that blu® Disposables can be stored and carried safely in either a pocket or bag. This makes it simple to take them with you if you’re heading out for the evening.

As disposables can’t be refilled there are no additional parts, such as tanks or e-liquid, so carrying around your disposable is simple. Easy and compact mobile carry makes them ideal if you’re going on a trip and don’t have a lot of space in your luggage.

What flavors and strengths are disposables available in?

The blu® Disposables range comes in a number of flavors, including Tobacco, Menthol and Cherry Crush. blu® Disposables are available in 2.4% and 4.5% nicotine strengths, except for the Carolina Bold Disposables, which are available in 2.0% and 4.5% nicotine strength.

How do I know when my disposable is running out?

When your blu® Disposable is running out of e-liquid, you will start to notice a change in how it’s performing. This may include changes in:

  • Vapor production
  • Taste

Once your disposable runs out, just throw away the used e-cig responsibly.