WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
What Are E-cigarette Chargers?

What Are E-cigarette Chargers?

E-cigarettes are powered by batteries which in turn can be topped up whenever they run out of charge. E-cigarette chargers enable vapers to quickly and conveniently recharge their devices. There are also some e-cigarette kits, such as the blu PLUS+ Rechargeable Kit, that can recharge batteries while inside the case.

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What are E-cigarette Chargers Used For?

E-cigarette chargers recharge the batteries (rechargeable device) that power e-cigarettes. Once they have run out charge, they need to be plugged in and topped up. Charging usually takes between one and three hours, and the battery’s LED tip will flash once the device has finished recharging.

What are the Different E-Cigarette Chargers Available From blu?

blu offers a variety of chargers designed to suit various needs, and these are:

▪ Wall Charger - Plugs the e-cig or e-cig pack straight into the wall
▪ USB Charger - Plugs into the e-cig and can be charged through a laptop or mains adaptor

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Another blu® product which charges your e-cigs is the blu PLUS+ Rechargeable Kit. The case itself is charged using the charger included in the kit, and when e-cigarettes or batteries are placed within the ports inside it charges them in turn. The case can hold enough enough charge to allow for six recharges of an e-cigarette battery before the case needs to be recharged itself.