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What Are Open & Closed System E-cigarettes?

What Are Open & Closed System E-cigarettes?

Experienced vapers will know that there are a whole host of different ways to vape. However, anyone new to e-cigarettes may be unsure about the differences between Open and Closed System e-cigarettes. The contrasting features result in different vapes, and in this guide we look at what the differences are as well as the advantages of each type.

What Are Open & Closed System E-Cigarettes?

Open and Closed System e-cigarettes are the terms used to describe the two main types of e-cigarette. Both are currently available from blu™, and work in slightly different ways.

The main difference between Open and Closed System e-cigarettes is the way the e-liquid is delivered to the heating mechanism. Open System e-cigarettes have a clearomizer which is filled with e-liquid manually, whereas Closed System e-cigarettes use tanks, which come ready-filled with e-liquid, and screw directly onto the e-cig battery. Open System e-cigs also have a removable mouthpiece, whereas the mouthpiece on Closed System e-cigs is built into the e-cigarette tank.

The main three parts of an Open System e-cigarette are the mouthpiece, the clearomizer and the e-cigarette battery. On some e-cigarettes the wick and coil can be detached; however, on blu™ e-cigarettes these parts are kept sealed inside the clearomizer.

Open System

Clearomizer, mouthpiece and battery are attached

Closed System e-cigarettes are similar, consisting of an e-cig battery and a tank. The main difference is that the tank cannot be refilled in the same way as a clearomizer can. Some Closed System e-cigarettes, such as blu™ disposable e-cigs, are completely disposable and have all the component parts internalized.

Closed System

Tanks and battery are attached

What are the benefits of an Open System E-Cigarette? Open System e-cigarettes, which are sometimes called vape pens, are completely reusable as the e-liquid can be topped up once it has run out. Open System e-cigarettes often have a smoother draw. An Open System e-cigarette also has a more powerful e-cig battery, which means that it will last for longer when fully charged.

What Are The Benefits Of A Closed System E-Cigarette?

Closed System e-cigarettes, which are also referred to as cig-a-likes, are ready to vape as soon as they are fitted together and charged. There is no need to refill any e-liquid which means there is no mess when the e-cig tank runs out, and additionally there is no e-liquid to carry around. Once a Closed System e-cigarette is finished, the vaper can throw the tank or disposable away.

How Can I Get The Most Out Of My Open System E-cigarette?

To get the most from an Open System e-cig, vapers need to be aware of the issue of flavor ghosting. This term refers to the lingering flavor when a vaper decides to change e-liquid . The best way to avoid flavor ghosting is to have different clearomizers for each flavor of e-liquid and change them when you change your e-liquid.

How Can I Get The Most Out Of My Closed System E-Cigarette?

It is recommended that a Closed System e-cigarette is charged as often as possible, as this will ensure that every draw is flavorful. Additionally, the blu PLUS+™ kits come with cases which can be used to store extra e-cig batteries and e-cigarette tanks.

What is the blu PRO™ Open System E-cigarette?

The blu PRO™ is an Open System e-cigarette, and works in a similar way as other Open System e-cigs. The clearomizer is filled with e-liquid and then attached to the e-cigarette battery, and after it has been fully charged the blu PRO™ can be vaped. The blu PRO™ comes with optimized coil resistance which gives a purer taste when vaping as well as a refined battery connection which results in a longer battery life.

What is the blu PLUS+™ Closed System E-Cigarette? The blu PLUS+™ is a Closed System e-cigarette which works by attaching a tank to the e-cigarette battery. Once the e-cig has been charged, it is ready to use. The blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable kit can store extra e-cigarette batteries and tanks in addition to charging the e-cigarette on the go. The cases allow vapers to comfortably carry the blu PLUS+™ around and safely store the kit.

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