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Can I Vape at Work?

Vaping in densely populated public places is often forbidden or at least frowned upon, but does that cover work spaces, as well as bars and restaurants? There’s no easy answer as office spaces often have different e-cigarette policies. Some may allow it; some may want to allow it but are not able to because of the rules of the building. Some may ban vaping outright.

To gain clarity on the situation, anyone looking to vape in their workspace should consult their line manager, human resource manager, or other senior member of their work’s staff. Politely ask if vaping is allowed in the office, and if you’re told that it’s banned abide by that rule. Don’t try to use your e-cigarette or stealth vape if you’ve been told that vaping is not allowed.

What can I do if vaping is not allowed at work?

If you’re told that vaping is forbidden at your work, you will have to vape outside. Most workplaces will have a designated smoking area outside the building where it will be safe to vape. If you would prefer to avoid cigarette smoke, you can vape elsewhere. Find a place that looks appealing and is out in the open air, and start vaping. As you’re in the open air, it’s unlikely that you’ll be asked to stop.

What can I do if vaping is allowed at work?

If your work does allow vaping in the office then you should feel free to vape as much as you like. However, as with all things, etiquette and good manners come into play. Just because you can vape as and when you like while in the office doesn’t mean you should. The following advice may help.

  • When vaping, don’t blow vapor in anyone’s proximity. Blow it away from others so that there’s no threat of them becoming annoyed by vaping in their presence.
  • Consider vaping a more subtle flavor. The stronger the flavor, the more likely you are to upset people who don’t vape.
  • Ask those closest to you if they mind you vaping. It’s a nice courtesy and can open up a conversation about vaping.

By following suggestions like this, you can help change the perception of vaping. However, if you’re inconsiderate while vaping, you’re likely to offend or annoy those around you, which could lead to vaping being prohibited at your workplace.

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