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bluNation® REWARDS

How do I use bluNation® points towards my next blu.com purchase?

Participants can redeem points to save on future blu purchases on blu.com or at blu retail partners. To redeem points for discounts on blu.com, a Participant must be logged into a Participant’s account. After adding items to a cart, a Participant must proceed to check-out and look for the option on the checkout screen that is labeled “bluNation discount.” A Participant can enter the number of points the Participant wants to redeem towards the purchase. Each 100 bluNation point redemption equals a $1 discount. bluNation points can be used to discount up to 75% of a Participant’s cart value before any shipping charges and taxes. Participants can also use their points to redeem the select products listed on the bluNation Rewards page. These rewards may include items offered on blu.com or other products only available from blu as loyalty rewards.

If a Participant prefers to redeem points at a retail location, the Participant may log into the account, go to shop rewards on the bluNation loyalty dashboard, and select the $5 Retail Coupon. The rewards points will be deducted from the Participant account once the coupon is redeemed. The coupon will then be mailed to the Participant’s preferred address. Please Note: Some municipalities have local regulations that prohibit us from sending vaping coupons to their residents. In these instances, the order will not be fulfilled, and any points redeemed will be added back to the Participant’s account.