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bluNation® REWARDS

How does bluNation® rewards work?

How does bluNation® rewards work?

You can earn bluNation® Reward points in a variety of ways. You earn points through purchasing blu online, in retail, or by completing various activities that can be found on your bluNation® account. Once you’ve earned rewards points, you can now redeem them for any product available in our online store. To use your points, simply go to our online store and choose the product you would like to buy. Next you will go through the normal checkout process. At the end of the process, before you checkout, you will have the option to use reward points to purchase your blu® product. Simply select the amount of points you would like to use, then proceed to check out.

Why can’t I find bluNation Marketplace?

After 5 pm EST Friday, November 8th, bluNation® Marketplace rewards will not be available for redemption due to circumstances beyond our control. We are actively working on solutions that will enable us to bring back the bluNation Marketplace to our rewards program as soon as possible.

Will my outstanding bluNation Marketplace order still be fulfilled?

Yes, all bluNation Marketplace orders placed prior to 5 pm EST Friday, November 8th, will be fulfilled unless the selected item(s) is out of stock. If that is the case, your points will be reallocated to your account.

*Please note that we are currently not offering blu merchandise, and Reward points can only be used for purchasing blu® products online.

How do I earn points for blu® products I’ve purchased?
How do I track my rewards order once it is purchased?
How long do my points last?