WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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E-cig Chargers

Are other electronic cigarette chargers compatible with blu® products?
Can I charge my pack and batteries at the same time?
Can I return a defective charger?

Can I return a defective e-cig charger?

Yes. All electronic components are covered by our limited 1-year warranty. If any of these items are defective during the warranty period, you can exchange it for an operational one at no extra cost.

This warranty applies to the product under normal use. In the event you need to exchange your blu® product, simply complete the Replacement Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form online.

Does the USB charger come with a cord?
How long will my charger last?
What does the light on the car charger indicate?
What do the lights on the USB charger indicate?
What kind of charger do I need to charge an individual battery?
Where can I purchase chargers?
Can I use any type of charger or cable to charge my Pack?