WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Are your blu Tank™ systems compatible with other blu® products? What about other brands of electronic cigarettes?
Can I make my own e-liquid and use it with blu Tank™ systems?
Can I refill my blu Tank™ unit?
Can my blu Tank™ unit leak during an airplane flight?
Do blu Tank™ systems contain propylene glycol?
How do I know when my blu Tank™ unit is empty?

How do I know when my blu Tank™ unit is empty?

When your blu Tank™ produces less vapor, stops producing vapor altogether or provides an off taste, it’s time to replace the blu Tank™.

How do I properly dispose of my used blu Tank™ unit?
Is there a risk that e-liquid can cause allergic reactions or other adverse side effects?
What are the ingredients in the blu Tank™ liquid?
What nicotine levels and flavors are available for blu Tank™ Systems?
Where are your blu Tank™ systems made?
Where can I purchase blu Tank™ systems?
Why is the nicotine level now represented as a percentage instead of milligrams (mg to %)?
How do nicotine salts work?
What are nicotine salts?