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blu ® Device and Pods

What charger should I use with the blu® device?

The blu device comes with a USB cable that can be used with a USB-compatible device (such as a computer).You can also use the blu Wall Charger that is available in our online store.

We do not recommend that you use any other charger or charging cord sold by a third party as it may not meet voltage and current requirements for the blu device. Replacement chargers and other accessories may be purchased separately in our online store.

To charge your blu device, insert the USB cable into a USB-compatible device (such as a laptop) and then plug the other end of the cable into the port at the base of the device. Make sure that the charging contacts are properly aligned. While the blu device is charging, the indicator light on the bottom of the device will remain RED until it is fully charged. Once the red light turns OFF, the device is ready for use.