WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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blu ® Device and Pods

What charger should I use with the blu® device?
How should I dispose of the blu?
How do I charge the blu device?
How do I know when the blu® device needs to be recharged?
How do I use blu® Liquidpods?
What is the myCARE® program (program subject to change without notice)?
How long does the myCARE® warranty last (program subject to change without notice)?

Eligible adult purchasers in the United States who register for the myCARE Warranty may receive equivalent and redeemable bluNation points if defective up to three times each year (12-month period) for a total of five years. At the end of that five-year term you must re-register your blu device. Our Customer Service team can help you out with this.

How long does the blu® device battery last?
How should I store the blu® device?
What are the safety features of the blu® device?