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Shipping, Autoship & Delivery

How does the blu shipping process work? How long will it take to receive my order?
Why is my phone number required for shipping? What happens if the carrier cannot reach me via phone?
What happens if I miss the delivery time of my order?
Why is an adult signature required upon delivery?
Who can sign for my package?
What are the shipping rates for blu products?
What are the shipping address requirements?
APO/FPO Shipping – APO/FPO Addresses?
What is autoship?
How is the autoship schedule determined?

You select the shipment frequency. You can choose to receive an order every 2 or 4 weeks. Your first autoship order will be immediately shipped after it is processed, and standard delivery can take 7 – 10 business days.
After your first order, all subsequent autoship orders will be processed and shipped on Thursdays according to the shipment frequency that you selected.

Note that autoship orders are subject to the same requirements as standard orders including:

  • Delivery can take 7 – 10 business days.
  • A valid phone number must be associated with your user account.
  • The local carrier will call and confirm a delivery time frame with you using the phone number associated with your account. The carrier will attempt to contact you three times before returning your package to blu.
  • Once a delivery period has been agreed, an adult with a government issued ID that is 21yrs or older must sign for the package when received. Should you or another 21 + adult be unavailable per the agreed time frame your package will not be delivered (nor will it be left on your front porch, entryway, mailbox etc.). Only one attempt will be made to execute the delivery of your order.

If any of the above criteria is not met, your order will be returned to blu and you will be issued a refund for your order. Refunds are typically issued within five business days.

Shipping fees are not refundable if the package is returned because the carrier cannot reach you per the phone number provided; if the delivery is missed per the agreed time with the carrier; or if upon delivery there is no adult 21+ verified by a government ID, who can sign for the delivery.

How do I change my autoship selections?
Can I stop my subscription at any time?
How do I cancel my autoship?
How will I be billed for my autoship selections?
What is the backorder policy for the autoship service?
Why am I limited on how much product I can purchase every 30 days?
How is my 30 day order limit calculated
How will my Autoship orders be affected by the 30 day purchase limit?
What is the device only shipping rule?