WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Discover a world of flavor

Discover a world of flavor


Flavor Collection
2.0-2.4% nicotine
0.8-1.8% nicotine
0% nicotine

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Flavor for every taste

Get the most out of your vape with our wide selection of flavors - choose between fresh, earthy, savory, or fruity tastes that are sure to satisfy.

blu PLUS+ Tanks™ are prefilled and easy to use with our blu PLUS+™ device. Just screw in your preferred tank flavor and you’re ready to start vaping. Our blu PLUS+ Tanks™ are available in a variety of nicotine strengths, from 0% to 2.4%.

Go ahead, shop a while - your taste buds will thank you.

Polar Mint blu PLUS+ Tank™

Polar Mint

The crisp, refreshing taste of peppermint
Gold Leaf blu PLUS+ Tank™

Gold Leaf

Bright and smoky, with subtle tobacco flavor
Mint Chocolate blu PLUS+ Tank™

Mint Chocolate

Cool mint meets the taste of rich chocolate
Magnificent Menthol blu PLUS+ Tank™

Magnificent Menthol

Classic menthol taste with notes of peppermint
Vivid Vanilla blu PLUS+ Tank™

Vivid Vanilla

Smooth, delicious vanilla flavor
Pina Colada blu PLUS+ Tank™

Pina Colada

The tropical taste of pineapple and coconut
Carolina Bold blu PLUS+ Tank™

Carolina Bold

Rich, traditional tobacco flavor
Strawberry Mint blu PLUS+ Tank™

Strawberry Mint

A refreshing fruity and mint combo
Cherry Crush blu PLUS+ Tank™

Cherry Crush

The juicy taste of cherries make a perfect pick
Classic Tobacco blu PLUS+ Tank™

Classic Tobacco

The familiar taste of full-bodied tobacco
Blueberry blu PLUS+ Tank™


The next-level ripe flavor of blueberries
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