Get an intro to how blu eCigs® products work.

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So, how exactly do blu eCigs electronic cigarettes work? How do they provide satisfaction without the odor or ash of traditional cigarettes? We're here to let you know about all of that.


The Simple Science Behind E-cigs

How blu works diagram

E-cigs heat liquid and the liquid is converted to vapor. The blue light tip lights up to show you’ve got a charge - and to let people know you’re vaping. Here’s what happens when you inhale:

1. Taking a draw activates the battery

2. The battery power heats the liquid

3. The liquid is converted into vapor

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How to Use a blu Rechargeable Kit in Four Easy Steps


Check out our quick primer on enjoying a blu® electronic cigarette.

Charging pack

- Step 1: Fully charge the blu Rechargeable Kit and batteries before using.

Replacing batteries

- Step 2: Attach a new blu Tank™ to the battery.

blu tip

- Step 3: Press it to your lips and take a drag.


- Step 4: Watch the blue LED light at the tip glow—and savor the experience!

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Get Charged Up

Get Charged Up

When it's time to charge your Rechargeable Kit... you have options.

The blu Rechargeable Kit doesn't just carry your e-cig. It also charges your battery. When the blue light on the side of your blu Rechargeable Kit begins to blink, you know it’s time to get charged up. Luckily, with just a couple of quick steps, you’ll be back on the move and savoring some blu satisfaction in no time.


Changing Batteries and your blu Tanks

No guessing games here—it's easy to tell when the batteries or blu Tanks™ need changing.

How An E-Cig Works

1. Batteries

The blue light at the tip of the battery will blink 30 times intermittently when it's time to recharge.

To charge the battery:

  • Unscrew it from the blu Tank
  • Place the battery in the pack in the "Charge" slot, with the blu LED light pointing up.


2. blu Tanks

Replace the blu Tank when it no longer produces vapor.

To replace the tank or cartridge:

  • Unscrew it from the battery
  • Screw the new tank or cartridge on the battery
  • Dispose of the empty tank or cartridge.

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