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Life Insurance for Vapers with Futureproof Insurance

Let’s talk about how exciting life insurance is! said no one ever… unless they were affiliated with the life insurance industry.  Today, however, we can say there is some exciting news!

If you have inquired about life insurance coverage you will have seen this question:

In the last 12 months have you used cigarettes, a pipe, e-cigarettes or any nicotine replacement products (such as gums, patches or sprays)?

As a blu customer you probably answered yes (you should be honest). That meant the premium was the same as if you said you smoked cigarettes. That’s just not fair, and thankfully one life insurance company is doing something about it.

Futureproof Life Insurance

Futureproof  an award winning, life insurance specialist is excited to be bringing this product to vapers.

  • If you took out life cover when you were a ‘smoker’ and you’ve now switched exclusively to vaping, you may be able to make considerable savings on your premiums.
  • Other big winners include people who haven’t smoked tobacco for over 12 months and have only used nicotine replacement products (like vaping) during that time.

Look at the table below and see for yourself.

Illustrative vaping life insurance comparison table supplied by Futureproof insurance
Quotes correct as of April 2018 Terms and conditions apply

In short, switching to blu presents a huge opportunity to save money.

If you would like to find out how much money you could save, get your tailor-made vapers quote by visiting Futureproof .

Something Better

Does your insurance provider penalise you for choosing vaping? If so, it might be time to switch to a provider that sees your lifestyle as a positive and start saving money.  Find out more about what customers think about Futureproof at  or visit Futureproof to get your quote today.



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