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The blu Promise

To help bring you the best experience possible,we’ve put together this promise.A mini mantra if you will, that shows what we’re about, and what you can always expect from blu.

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blu™ e-cigs are a modern alternative to smoking.

Electricity instead of fire, vapour in place of smoke, LEDs that outshine tobacco. E-cigarettes are a new way to enjoy nicotine, and blu is leading the way with technology to make them even better.


blu brings pleasure.

The rush of nicotine. Big bursts of flavour. The crackle of a clearomiser. From tech that feels great to touch to flavours that taste AMAZING – we make e-cigs which will make you smile.


blu is the beginning of something new.

E-cigarettes and vapers are changing the world, and we’re excited to be part of it. Read our blog to see how we are joining the conversation, and how you can get involved.


blu looks good.

It turns out black is the new black. With a sleek, matt finish, blue LEDs that light up as you vape, and eye-candy carry cases – smokers are happy to be seen with our e-cigs.


blu gives you freedom.

With blu, you can go further. And we don’t just mean places that let you vape. You can explore new flavours and pick up e-cigs to fit where you’re going.


blu is for you.

We’re passionate about what we do and who we do it for. We always listen and keep innovating to improve the blu experience. Just look at our flavours, which are picked by customers.


We’re never done.

We’re always looking for new ways to make blu better. Whether that’s tweaking our tobacco flavour taste more tobacco-y, or giving the Pro Kit button a more satisfying click; we’ll never rest.

That’s our promise to you...

and a guiding light we can turn to if we ever get lost in a fog of vapour. Are you ready to explore the world of blu? Yea? Come on then, let’s go.

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