WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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About us

Setting the standards in vaping for over a decade.

About us

Setting the standards in vaping for over a decade.

True innovation never stops

Our first vaping product was considered to be revolutionary back in 2009. Since then, vaping has changed faster than we ever expected and our products have evolved just as fast. Through it all, we have placed our focus on creating the best products for you. Our team of dedicated scientists and quality specialists are committed to ensure that you enjoy the highest quality products. After all, we started blu for people like us, people that expect quality products and superior ingredients.


Options made for you

One size never fits all. blu believes in the individual, and having only one option just doesn’t seem right to us. So we have a range of products that are compact, sleek, and designed with you in mind.

blu Device

1-click pods help you switch between flavors in seconds
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blu Disposable

Pre-charged and ready to go
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Combining the feel of a disposable with the convenience of the rechargeable
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Meet our team

Creating the perfect balance between product quality, and performance requires extremely talented people. Luckily we have a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about crafting the best products with the highest quality in the industry.


Always here when you need us

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