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New Shipping Costs

Starting May 20, 2021 shipping costs are adjusting in response to the PACT Act.

New Shipping Costs

Starting May 20, 2021 shipping costs are adjusting in response to the PACT Act.

What is the PACT Act?

A federal Statute, called the PACT ACT, has effectively banned USPS from carrying vapor products and mandates that all online vapor product orders require an adult signature** at the time of delivery verified by a US government ID. As a result of this federal legislation, major carriers such as UPS and FedEx have voluntarily decided to no longer ship online vapor products. In order to maintain our online store and to continue to ship vapor products direct to consumers with adult signature at time of delivery, alternate carrier solutions are being secured to provide shipping services. To learn more about the PACT Act amendment, go to page 5136 here: please refer to page 5136, under TITLE VI - PREVENTING ONLINE SALES OF E-CIGARETTES TO CHILDREN of the Omnibus bill.

Unfortunately, finding alternate carriers has significantly increased shipping costs for blu.com

How does this affect shipping costs on blu.com?

Effective May 20, 2021, shipping costs will be variable based on order amount. Please refer to the table for more information based on order amount.

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**Adult Signature Requirements

Because blu products must have an adult signature (21yrs) there are additional requirements that must be met when making an online purchase at blu.com:

  • A valid phone number must be associated with your user account or entered for the order during the checkout process.
  • The local carrier will call the phone number associated with your account to confirm a delivery time for your order. The carrier will attempt to contact you three times before returning your package to blu.
  • Once a delivery time frame has been confirmed, an adult aged 21 years of age or older with a valid government-issued ID must be present at delivery to sign for the package. If you or another adult are unavailable during the agreed upon delivery time frame your package will not be delivered. It will be returned to blu. Only one delivery attempt of your order will be made.

If any of the above requirements are not met, your order will be returned to blu and you will be issued a refund for your order. Refunds are typically issued within five business days. Shipping fees are non-refundable if the package is returned due to (1) the carrier could not reach you at the phone number provided or (2) you or another adult were not present to accept the delivery from the carrier within the agreed upon time frame.