What Is blu ?

blu® e-cigs are a new kind of satisfaction—without the guilt.

Simply put, blu is the best e-cig. Read below to find out why.

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What exactly is an e-cigarette ?

We currently offer different types of e-cigs and vaping devices :

  • 1. The disposable e-cig, which is ready to use out of the box; discard when you’re done
  • 2. The Xpress Kit, which is ready to use out of the box; but can be replenished whenever you want
  • 3. The Rechargeable Kit, which works with a blu Tank™
  • 4. The PRO Kit, which works with a the blu Liquids

When you inhale on the e-cig, the battery is activated. This heats up (without burning) the liquid.

Try blu® products and experience the best electronic cigarettes for yourself. Find a retailer near you or shop online.

What is blu

What Makes blu The Best Vapor Cigarettes on the Market ?

Signature blue LED Tip : Lights up to let you know that your blu e-cig is working.

Long-Lasting Battery : Gives you plenty of puffs before you need to recharge.

Built-in Atomizer : Provides the maximum of satisfying vapor.

blu Tank/Flavor Cartridge : Packed with delicious flavors, carefully crafted in the U.S.A. with domestic and imported ingredients.

Silicone Tip : Intake maximizes each draw.

Sleek Size : Combines a classic experience with modern satisfaction.


Four blu Facts

Not all e-cigs are created equal.


blu® e-cigs are sold at 100,000-plus retailers nationwide.


blu offers free shipping on all products.


blu gives a one-year warranty on all packs,
batteries and chargers.


blu e-cigs are convenient and require no messy refilling.


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