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Let's find your blu in only 5 minutes. Ready?

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At blu, we make vaping easy. From out-of-the-box solutions to more advanced vapes, we've got you covered from A-Z:

  • Products for every type of user
  • Variety of flavors and nicotine strengths
  • Simple and easy to use


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blu product offerings

blu truly offers an electronic cigarette for any style or occasion. Our blu PLUS+® line is a closed system so you can just grab and go. Simply screw on our PLUS+ Tank flavor refill to your PLUS+ battery and you're ready to vape. The blu PRO® offers an open system so that you can refill yourself as needed with a larger battery for an all-day vape. Finally, our Disposable® is a closed system that can be used for a night out or in a pinch when you need something simple. Once finished just simply throw it away.

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How vaping works

An e-cigarette, also known as an electronic cigarette or e-cig, is a device used to inhale flavored liquid which can contain nicotine. The act of using an e-cigarette is called vaping, and those who use them are called vapers.

In simple terms, an e-cigarette is an electronic device that heats a liquid containing flavoring and nicotine amongst other ingredients. The resulting vapor is then inhaled by the vaper (the term used to describe those who use e-cigarettes).

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Nicotine works differently when you’re talking about blu. The amount of nicotine in e-liquid is reported as a percentage, milliliters or milligrams. When the nicotine amount in an e-liquid is expressed in either milliliters or milligrams, it is usually implied that this is in a 100ml/mg measure of e-liquid. Therefore an e-liquid said to be 1.6mg in nicotine strength would contain 1.6% nicotine with the remaining 98.4% being made up from the other ingredients. Our most popular nicotine strength is 2.4%..

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What makes blu different?

blu® e-cigarettes allow consumers to have a traditional smoking experience, minus the ash or lingering odor. Adapted to suit the lifestyle of any vaper, blu® e-cigarettes allow consumers to explore flavors, accessories and diverse e-cig styles to match their specific lifestyle preferences. With blu you're getting more than just a vaping product. You're getting peace of mind with best in class customer support, rewards when you buy, and most of all the best all around vaping experience out there!

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