• Pack charges your batteries
    • No hassle prefilled tanks
    • Slim and sleek design
  • Refillable Vaping

    • Easy refilling with blu® Liquids
    • Long lasting battery life
    • Indicator lights notify you of your blu PRO™ charge level
  • Single-Use Vaping

    • Comes fully charged right out of the box
    • No recharging, refills or unnecessary accessories
    • Simply dispose of when finished using

What are e-cigs?

E-cigs, which are sometimes called e-cigarettes and vaporizers, can seem difficult to understand. There are so many different terms, models, and accessories that beginners may not be clear where they need to start.

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You're in good hands

  • "Honestly, it’s the best thing i've come across"


  • "Everyone wants to be a part of something. And the company itself feels like family. Their customer service is outstanding, and in these times, that means a lot. It makes you feel even better about the product"




Check out the full range of e-cigarette and vaping products, from products designed to introduce beginners into vaping, to our Disposable range of e-cigarettes designed for vaping on the go.

The myblu™ offers you our best vaping experience ever. Charged in just 20 minutes and with easily changed liquid pods filled with vape juice, the myblu™ gives you the perfect combination of style and substance for your vaping experience.

You can also choose from our two blu PLUS+™ vaping kits, the blu PLUS+™ Xpress Kit, or the blu PLUS+™ Rechargeable Kit, both supplied with our Classic Tobacco flavored tanks for that unique blend of tobacco taste.

If you want a more advanced vaping experience, then why not try our blu PRO™ Kit with a smoother taste and premium features, the blu PRO™ kit gives you the best value for your money.

For anyone wishing to explore vaping for the first time, our Disposable e-cigarettes are an ideal product to begin the journey, with six exciting flavors to try.


¿Qué hace que los vaporizadores blu® sean superiores a la competencia?

El rango de productos blu® es el mejor de todo el mercado, no solo por su calidad y estándares de control, sino también por sus innovadores productos, como myblu® . Nuestros sabores están fabricados en la Unión Europea con productos domésticos y de importación. La lista de ingredientes utilizados en cada producto puede consultarte en el envase de cualquier producto blu® .
También implementamos unos estrictos estándares de control: un tercero analiza nuestros procesos de producción.

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