We've teamed up with SWR Waste Management to recycle our products. With the blucycle scheme, you can turn your old blu™ products into something new. Plus, you'll get that warm glow that comes with doing your bit to help the planet.

How does e-cig recycling work?

  • Contact our Customer Service via e-mail
    Or call: 0800 0149 355 (Free) - Mon - Sun (8am - 8pm )
  • We'll email you a returns reference number and a Freepost label
  • Send us your stuff and we'll pass it to SWR to recycle

Which e-cigs can I recycyle?

Right now, you can recycle blu Cartridge Refills and blu e-cigarette batteries.

How will you recycle my e-cig products?

We pass your used blu e-cigarette products to SWR Waste Management for recycling. Their team separates, dismantles and melts down e-cig parts to reuse in other products. They reprocess and reuse materials so there's no need for landfill.

SWR will recycle e-cigarette cartridges by washing the plastic parts to reuse in new plastic products. E-cig batteries are 100% recycled. SWR separates plastic and metal components through a smelting process. After that, they reuse various metals and plastics in new products.