At blu, we're leading the way with e-cigarette technology.

Our e-cig products are developed and designed by a leading team of UK and US engineers. At our US facility in Silicon Valley CA, ex-NASA engineers are working on our stuff. On top of this, we're supported by a world-class research and development facility in the US. There, top pharmaceutical scientists continually test our products to ensure they are of the highest quality; and our customers get the very best experience with blu.

Once tests are complete, we handover our e-cigs to our state-of-the-art GMP & ISO9001 certified (find out more about our certifications) facility in China to assemble. We're very close to our manufacturing team. Unlike other e-cig factories, ours is exclusively blu. Working so closely with these guys gives us complete control over every part of the development process. This means better production, better results and a better experience for our customers.

We have exceptional experience at our facility in China. Daniel Chen, CEO of the facility, has been involved with the e-cig industry from the start. His knowledge is vast and he brings passion and energy into everything he does with blu. Dan works hand-in-hand with our UK-based development team to keep improving our e-cig offering. This close relationship means that our customer feedback gets delivered straight to the hands of those that create blu e-cigs, flavours and accessories.

If you want to find out more about our certifications, check out our certifications page.

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