One of the main advantages of using e-cigs over traditional cigarettes is you can use them almost anywhere. That's because tobacco smoke is now illegal in all enclosed public areas.

Since 2007, smoking cigarettes in enclosed public areas and workplaces is banned in the UK. Each nation has its own legislation. These are:

UK smoking ban and electronic cigarettes

The Health Act defines smoking as:

  1. Smoking tobacco or anything which contains tobacco, or smoking any other substance, and,
  2. Being in possession of lit tobacco or of anything lit which contains tobacco, or being in possession of any other lit substance in a form in which it could be smoked.

So, you're allowed to use electronic cigarettes in public places because:

  • They contain no tobacco smoke.
  • They are not "lit" and do not burn. Instead, they vaporise through heating (in the same way a kettle produces steam, but at a lower temperature).
  • They emit vapour rather than smoke due to the lack of combustion.

Informal bans on e-cigarette use

Some companies such as restaurants or airlines ban the use of electronic cigarettes on their premises. E-cig companies have no control over these policies. It's like bars that ask customers to wear shoes instead of trainers. Policies like these usually relate to the comfort of others. Many companies worry how their customers/employees feel about the use of electronic cigarettes. They also worry that, at a glance, customers will think the e-cigarette is a real cigarette and believe smoking is permitted. We always recommend checking with staff before using an e-cig in an enclosed public space. As long as staff are aware, they're usually comfortable with you using e-cigarettes.

Overcoming the informal bans on e-cigs

In response to concerns by people or establishments to allow electronic cigarettes, we designed our products to stand out. Our iconic black e-cig and blue-tipped battery come as standard in our single use lines and re-chargeable products. This means that if you use a blu™ electronic cigarette such as our Starter and Premium e-cig range in public, you'll quickly dispell any confusion or concern. This allows people to feel safe and relaxed using our e-cigarettes around others. Our Pro Kit leaves no room for confusion. We designed it with a much bigger unit to last longer between charges.

As the popularity of e-cigs rises, they are becoming more recognisable and the general public are becoming more comfortable with their use indoors. blu strives to educate the public about e-cigs whenever possible. We always want to be transparent about our technology, how it works and what the effects are. The more information we give people, the better equipped they are to make up their own minds about e-cigs.

The fine line of realism in e-cigarette design

Some users are shy about using e-cigs indoors. They're concerned staff or others may publicly reprimand them if their e-cig is mistaken for a tobacco cig. As a result, we're finding they're more comfortable using e-cig devices in public that look LESS like traditional cigarettes. Just like our Pro Tank.

This might appear to be a disadvantage to other e-cig users. Those who like the fact that e-cigs such as those in our Starter and Premium Kits closely resemble a cigarette. These e-cigs feel the same size and shape in a user's hand, and replicate the psychological connection to cigarettes.

That's why we tried to bridge the gap between smoking psychology and comfort in public. Comfortable and with a portable shape and size, our e-cigs have our signature blue-tipped battery and black casing. So they stand out from traditional cigarettes.

Raising awareness about electronic cigarettes

We believe the e-cig industry is still in the "awareness" stage. So, raising awareness and understanding in this area is key. People are learning about this new technology and researching the ins and outs of how it works and how e-cigs are made. When enough people feel comfortable they understand e-cigs, acceptance will follow.

Future of electronic cigarettes in public spaces

These institutions and bodies hold, or have held, consultations and reviews into e-cig regulation, guidelines and sales:

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