blu electronic cigarettes offer a modern alternative to traditional tobacco. All our products are designed with our users in mind. So not only are they stylish, reliable and effective, but also easy to use.

The way we see it, every person who uses blu is a person not smoking cigarettes and that can only be a good thing.

What makes blu diffrent?

We know there are 1001 other brands out there to choose from, ranging from pretty good to downright rubbish, but here’s a few reasons why we’re the top dog.

How our Starter Kit works
How our Starter Kit works
  • Style (and substance)

    Our products have got it by the bucket load. We wouldn’t have you guys walking round with something you were ashamed of now would we?

  • Innovation

    Our finger is well & truly on the pulse. We push the boundaries through innovation and superior product design. Our products lead the way and constantly evolve to fit your lifestyle.

  • Quality

    We work tirelessly to design products that won’t let you down. We test the hell out of them to make sure you don’t have to.

  • Flavour

    Our flavours are the best on the market. You’ve tried them right? We use only natural extracts and no nasties.

We have a wide of electronic cigarettes, from rechargeable kits to simple disposables and great
tasting cartridge refills, we've got everything you need.


  • blu PRO KIT

    blu PRO KIT

    Our new and improved e-cig tank offers: - A smoother, longer vape - A top-filling tank for no spills - A powerful, long life battery
  • blu PREMIUM KIT - Over 50% off

    blu PREMIUM KIT - Over 50% off

    See what all the fuss is about. No on-the-go charging like its Premium big bro, but this e cigarette starter kit is packed with everything you need...


    Why choose a blu™ Starter Kit? - Go tobacco-smoke free in style - Explore award-winning flavours - Enjoy 600 puffs (or 3 cigarette packs)...
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