About blu® Products

blu® e-cigarettes allow consumers to smoke, minus the ash or lingering odour. Adapted to suit the lifestyle of any vaper, blu® e-cigarettes allow consumers to explore flavours, accessories and diverse e-cig styles to match their specific lifestyle preferences.

blu E-Cigarettes

Featuring both Open System and Closed System e-cigarettes, blu's range of electronic cigarettes are designed to deliver a superior vaping experience.

Supplying rechargeable e-cigarette models, blu® e-cigs allow vapers to choose and use what product works best for them. E-cigarette models offered by blu include: blu PLUS+™ and blu PRO®.

Differences between kits

Experimenting with Flavour

  • At blu, we aim to ensure that the taste buds of e-cigarette consumers throughout the UK are well and truly satisfied. Therefore, we have a wide variety of flavours for consumers to explore, whether it’s something tangy and sweet, or something a little bit more traditional.
  • blu® Flavours


E-cigarette products from blu are available with a range of performance enhancing accessories.